Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz said that Bitcoin market cap will surpass Tesla by June 2021.

Bitcoin market cap could overthrow Tesla within 6 months

The head of the digital asset management company explained on Twitter why he believes the market value of bitcoin will grow much faster than Tesla’s in the coming months.

Novogratz said:

BTC will have a greater market value than TSLA in 6 months.

While both are huge, TSLA has a lot of risk in particular for Elon Musk, while BTC is owned and managed by a huge decentralized community that grows every day. This is a risk management bet. I have 2 TSLA.

BTC’s driving force could overthrow Tesla

Currently, Bitcoin’s market value is over $ 428 billion, while Tesla’s value is $ 616 billion.

In a recent interview with Real Vision, Novogratz says that both Bitcoin and Tesla are part of a large-scale bull market driven by low rates and rising growth.

I’ve spoken to someone, I won’t name it, but it’s one of the top five legends in the investment world. I said, I’m worried about Airbnb going up 120% on day one, Snowflake going up 100 times. Bitcoin’s driving force may exceed Tesla and Snowflake.


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