Managers of the public bitcoin mining company Argo Blockchain are starting to invest in tokens (NFTs) that are no longer available with new NFT investment companies.


New investment

NFT Investments PLC was founded on March 3rd by Argo’s co-founders Jonathan Bixby and Mike Edwards and now looks set to go public in London.

NFT Investments plans to sell 200 million stocks in the Aquis Stock Exchange Global Market (AQSE) and raise approximately 10 million pounds (approximately $ 14 million) of funds.

The firm said the initial public offering (IPO) would be worth £ 25 million (approximately $ 34.5 million), making it the first NFT investment company to go public.

Bixby, Chief Executive Officer of NFT Investments, said, “I am incredibly excited to lead the world’s first pure game NFT vehicle listed on a public market. “We have a vision to build a ramp from fiat to this exciting new area, just as our team brought Argo Blockchain to the London market,” he explains.

NFT Investments will invest in companies or funds that are specifically turning to NFTs and blockchain technology. NFTs are digital certificates linked to unique works of art. Its popularity has grown significantly in recent months.

The NFT Investments team believes that the NFT market will continue to grow in the long run and NFTs will become “a fundamental core asset for the entire virtual economy”.

“We truly believe NFTs will form the backbone of digital collectibles markets and that having the best individual assets and fundamental rights will create tremendous value for our shareholders,” said Bixby.


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