With the hash rate in Bitcoin increasing, mining started to become difficult again.

A difficulty update is made in the Bitcoin network every 2016 block. Mining is easier in periods when the hash rate is low; It is more difficult in periods when there are many. This prevents miners from collecting chips in bulk and ensures a balance.

A new difficulty update was made in Bitcoin today around 07:00 CET. In this last update before halving, mining became difficult again.

Difficulty Increases
Halving will be done 1 week after that, so the daily amount of BTC produced is from 1800 to 900; The block reward given to the miners will drop from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

Bitcoin miners have been working hard before this date. According to Blockchain.com data, the hash rate on the network has approached the highest level of all time. This rate, which has been increasing for a few weeks, may increase in the coming days.

The increase in the hash rate causes the competition among the miners to increase, thus making it difficult for mining. This was reflected in the morning’s difficulty update. With this update, the level of difficulty has reached almost the all-time high.


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