CME Group’s Bitcoin futures continue to gain in popularity as more institutional investors flock to the emerging industry.The short position in the futures product reached a new record level of $ 1.47 billion. The figure is 42% higher than the one week ago, which was about $ 1.03 billion.

The increase in open position or the value of derivative contracts not yet paid indicates that more money is flowing into the market and traders expect a short-term increase in Bitcoin’s volatility.

CME launched Bitcoin futures in December 2017 and is currently the only legally regulated exchange in the US to offer cash-paid Bitcoin futures. Therefore, it is an accurate indicator for institutional interest in the market.

In February, CME will also launch Ethereum (ETH) futures. “Building on the success of Bitcoin futures and options, CME Group will add Ethereum futures to cryptocurrency risk management solutions that were introduced to trade in February,” the firm said in a statement last week.

Total open positions

Meanwhile, the total open position in the Bitcoin futures market currently stands at $ 8.78 billion.

When it comes to Ethereum (ETH) futures, the total open position broke an all-time high of $ 2.06 billion.

Alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, the crypto options market is also rising, driving overall growth in the crypto derivatives field.

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The total open position in Bitcoin options is $ 6.23 billion, while for Ethereum (ETH) options, this figure is $ 1.03 billion.

Overall, from the two segments of the crypto derivatives market, futures remain the largest market, followed by the options market. Meanwhile, Bitcoin futures and options remain the most popular products, followed by Ethereum futures and Ethereum options.

Market experts have previously stated that the crypto derivatives market will grow in size.


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