While the proportion of people relying on large banks has fallen significantly since 2017, support for Bitcoin has exploded.

According to a survey conducted by the Tokenist, banks and Bitcoin are almost equal in trust. In addition, there has been an incredible change in this matter over the past three years. Tokenist, by applying this survey to 4,852 participants in 17 countries, measured people’s perspectives on banks and Bitcoin. The results obtained were compared with a similar questionnaire previously conducted.

Who Trusts Bitcoin?

According to the data obtained by the tokenist, people’s attitudes have changed significantly over time.

As a result of the survey, not only an equal division, but also a change in trust in Bitcoin emerged. Even more interesting is how the situation has changed since 2017. At that time, only 18 percent preferred Bitcoin, while 82 percent preferred large banks.

In 2020, this situation changed dramatically. It is stated that this change in the general view proved that Bitcoin will be adopted more in the future.


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