Bitcoin lost value simultaneously with American markets in the evening. The crypto currency, which was traded above $ 9900 during the day, was pulled down to below $ 9100, while the price of gold also decreased.

The biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with its market value, dropped sharply in the evening, along with American markets. 980 thousand dollars in 9 days until the crypto-currency, Turkey clock 19.55’t fell to 78, 9 thousand dollars.

The S&P 500 Index, which includes the largest 500 American companies in the same minutes, fell to 30 thousand 372 with a 4.75 percent loss. The Dow Jones Index fell 5.35 percent to 25 thousand 427 points. On the other hand, the ounce price of gold was also pulled from the level of $ 1744 to $ 1729, affected by the general decline.

The fact that bitcoin once again moved with the US markets strengthened the narrative that it is increasingly related to shares.

This drop in the markets, despite Fed President Jerome Powell’s announcement yesterday that the policy interest rate will be kept within the next 0 – 0.25 percent range. This would be expected to have a positive impact on risk assets.

$ 100 million liquidation took place

With the drop in Bitcoin, the $ 78 million long position and the $ 19 million short position were liquidated on the cryptocurrency derivative exchange BitMEX.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,360 in the minutes when the news goes live.


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