Bitcoin price is struggling to support $ 30,000. According to Raoul Pal’s Global Macro Investor Report, the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization could grow 10 times by October 2021. GMI’s model uses the Metcalfe value to predict and suggests that the cryptocurrency currently has a very low value. According to GMI’s model, Bitcoin could reach $ 300,000 within nine months. So is this goal realistic? Here are the incredible Bitcoin forecast and details …



Bitcoin forecast of the GMI model: The price could be $ 300,000 by October!

Raoul Pal has decades of global macro investment experience. Raoul Pal regularly commented on Bitcoin and its long-term value proposition. The founder of the GMI made particularly a lot of predictions about cryptocurrencies before the explosion in the 4th quarter of 2020. According to a new model now focusing on Metcalfe value, BTC is just warming up.

According to the report, Bitcoin is currently significantly below Metcalfe’s value. According to analysts, past examples of Bitcoin bull markets have always gone beyond Metcalfe value. Now, according to model predictions, the leading cryptocurrency will reach $ 300,000 per BTC by October 2021. We will learn by watching whether BTC has reached these peak prices.


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