Known for its consistent predictions of the future, The Simpsons cartoon continues to be the longest running TV show in history.

The newest episode of the world famous cartoon series “The Simpsons”, the 18th episode of the 32nd season, “Burger Kings” featured the largest cryptocurrency with infinite prices.

It can be seen that there is a remarkable pricing for Bitcoin above. Apart from that, there is the GameStop (GME) stock, which adds one trillion and then immediately loses two trillion, which highlights the enormous volatility of GME.

The last episode aired on Fox on April 11, Mr. It begins with Burns eating too much hamburgers and finding himself on the verge of death. He then comes up with the idea of ​​selling hamburgers made from exotic herbs. Subsequently, his new company, X-Cell-Ent Burge, hires Homer Simpson to shoot commercials. Meanwhile, Marge speculates about the company’s shares and other shares to buy a new pair of pants for her husband. Later, in the midst of the “burger wars,” Mr Burns is exposed for making his hamburgers from endangered plants that grow in the Amazon rainforest. Marge, on the other hand, starts selling his shares before losing money.

Any Clue For The Future?
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain were featured on “The Simpsons” last February. The idea that Bitcoin can go to eternity has not been put forward for the first time in the cryptocurrency community. It is also known that the writers of “The Simpsons” have a tendency to predict the future. From the Donald Trump presidency to the Greek financial crisis, they have frustrating forward-thinking forecasts.

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It seems highly likely that the legendary series will make more consistent predictions in the coming years.


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