Bitcoin, which was at the level of 14 thousand dollars in the beginning of November, has passed the 31 thousand dollar limit today and has earned over 100 percent of its investors. The market value is based on $ 1 trillion.

Bitcoin, which managed to exceed $ 20,000 for the first time last month, almost stepped on gas. The currency, which increased by 50 percent in a period of about 15 days, continues to break the highest value records of all time.

Bitcoin price breaks a record
Bitcoin mobilized after the US presidential elections in November; When it was around 13 thousand, it started to attack and first crossed the limit of 20 thousand dollars and then the limit of 25 thousand dollars. Today, it broke the all-time record, exceeding $ 31,000.

A person who bought Bitcoin in mid-November earned around 100 percent as of today, while those who bought in mid-December put 50 percent in the cash. The cryptocurrency market is valued at over $ 800 billion in total.

It is not possible to say the same for other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum hovers around $ 760. The XRP hit in the USA is around 23 cents. LTC is currently $ 130, while BCH is at $ 352. Especially the fact that large funds tend to buy bitcoin prevents investment in other cryptocurrencies.

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