Bitcoin, which broke the devil’s leg and left the $ 20,000 level behind, continues to rise. Bitcoin, which broke a new record at $ 24085, seems pretty ambitious upwards.

Bitcoin, which broke the 20 thousand dollar threshold by making its expected exit for many years, continues its rise. It has increased by 20 percent in a short time and reached the limit of 24 thousand dollars.

Where is Bitcoin going?
Having earned around 28 percent in the last 7-day period, Bitcoin recently broke the all-time record by hitting the limit of $ 24085. It is currently testing the $ 24000 limit again. If it passes, we can see new historical records.

Other currencies also started to recover in this process. Ethereum is pushing the $ 670 limit. XRP unit is around 60 cents. Litecoin crosses the $ 120 level while Bitcoin Cash is trading above $ 320.

As many giant investment firms concentrate on Bitcoin, it has led to an increase in dominance. For other cryptocurrencies to take off, Bitcoin dominance must be pulled up to 60 percent.

The cryptocurrency world seems to have completely moved away from the pessimistic picture of the beginning of the year. Experts state that there is no serious obstacle in front of Bitcoin up to the level of 30 thousand -35 thousand dollars, but it is not possible to predict what direction the developments will be.


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