One of the world’s most famous book series, Harry Potter’s iconic writer J.K. Rowling asked in a post that she posted on Twitter that she did not understand Bitcoin and someone had explained BTC to her. The 54-year-old writer participated in a tweet series launched by CoinDesk co-author Leigh Cuen and suddenly sat on the agenda of cryptocurrency-oriented social media.

After Rowling’s tweet about Bitcoin, comments about Bitcoin started to appear under many of his tweets. In fact, it is a very positive development for crypto investors to ask someone who is in front of the mainstream audience, such as Rowling, asking Bitcoin and implying that he has heard and heard it.

This shows that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will reach the use of mainstream masses much earlier than expected and spread worldwide. If BTC can indeed reach a general use and take a permanent place in daily life, its value can go up to unpredictable levels.


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