An old fraud method adapted to the present day; Scammers use Bitcoin private addresses that appear to be famous, to fool crypto users.

According to the report released by ZDNet, SpaceX and Tesla CEO raised over $ 2 million in the past two months only through fake accounts that seemed to belong to Elon Musk.

The “private addresses” used in fraud consist of letters containing the names of the celebrities, and thus they manage to deceive crypto users.

For example: “2BqpBj3EL0nMUsKYok4abiNbvZOLik.”

The findings were served this week by Justin Lister, CEO of cyber security company Adaptic. Lister made the conclusion by examining the information about Bitcoin addresses used for scam purposes with BitcoinAbuse for two months.

Especially by using the names of famous people on Youtube, the fraudsters who manage to convince the users with videos shared with high promises of return become rich with the Bitcoins of the victims. Among the names that scammers use are stars such as football manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Kate Winslet.

This fraud system, which is not a common situation in our country, can spread in our country in a short time. To avoid such grievances, we do not recommend sending your assets to any address you are not sure of.


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