Senior analyst PlanB warned Bitcoin investors and said that the number of BTC actually happened was far less than known, saying it might be difficult to find future Bitcoin. The analyst stated that the famine will increase more, but the demand will not decrease, especially after the half-split.

There is little time left for the third half event of Bitcoin (BTC), where more and more people are focused. Many people expect the halfway remaining less than twenty days to blow up the price of Bitcoin.

However, PlanB, a well-known analyst and inventor of the stock-flow model, warns investors that halfway will have a negative impact. Analyst says the demand for BTC will always remain high, but the amount of new BTC will be cut in half. In addition, the analyst thinks this will cause shortage as BTC, which can be bought, is already scarce.

From 1,800 BTC to 900 BTC
In his last tweet, PlanB stated that the actual amount of BTC available for investors is much less than anyone thinks. A large part of the circulating 18 million BTC (according to survey results) has already been purchased and locked for a long-term holding. A large number of BTCs have been purchased since the first days of Bitcoin’s existence.

PlanB reminds its followers that after the split, miners will only produce 900 BTC, not 1,800 BTC, and demand will remain as high as it is now.

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