Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse touched on the FUD charges on Twitter. In a recent post on Twitter, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse cited his controversial comments on Bitcoin’s energy consumption and claimed that he did not advocate banning the largest cryptocurrency:



“First of all, I am not saying ABSOLUTELY ban BTC! We can collectively understand the PoW’s carbon footprint, and I say we need to understand. ”

Environmental approach

During his Bloomberg interview, Garlinghouse stated that a single Bitcoin transaction is equivalent to burning 75 gallons of gasoline to highlight the environmental impact of the cryptocurrency’s proof of work consensus mechanism. He also added that XRP is 100,000 times more efficient.

The Ripple manager argues that the Bitcoin community should focus entirely on transitioning to renewable energy, rather than accusing it of spreading fear, uncertainty, and suspicion:

We have the tools to make crypto 100% renewable and reach its full potential. Instead of accusing Janet Yellen, Bill Gates and me of the FUD, let’s focus on solutions that will change the mind of countless others who have raised concerns about energy use.


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