While Bitcoin is experiencing a 10 percent decline in the charts, altcoins are also declining. While this decline was not uniform, popular altcoins like Bitcoin SV and Cosmos all saw their prices depreciate, and some recorded losses of up to 11 percent.



Bitcoin SV (BSV) price analysis

The Bitcoin SV price has dropped close to 7 percent in the past 24 hours. Cryptocurrency is trading at $ 179.2, with a market value of over $ 3.3 billion at the time of this article. If an uptrend is to begin for BSV, it will have to fight two strong resistance levels, the price of which is $ 185 and $ 198. However, if the price correction is to continue, it can count on supports at $ 170 and $ 159.

A move to its initial support was predicted by BSV’s technical indicators as both showed a bearish trend for the price of the coin. The MACD indicator showed a bearish trend as the RSI indicator was closer to the oversold zone.

On the news side, Craig Wright from Bitcoin SV posted legal notices to two websites (Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org) to remove the Bitcoin white paper for alleged copyright infringement.

Cosmos (ATOM) price analysis

Cosmos ranks 26th on CoinMarketCap’s list, with a market value of $ 1.5 billion and a transaction price of $ 7.5. The cryptocurrency recorded a 9 percent price drop throughout the day before slowly returning. The trading price of ATOM has come close to testing the $ 7 support, moving up the same since then. If the uptrend continues, ATOM may soon face resistance around the $ 8.8 price range.

Bollinger Bands for cryptocurrency are expanding significantly and highlight price volatility. This can help keep the uptrend strong. The RSI indicator is also moving away from the oversold zone towards the neutral zone.


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