Bitcoin whale watchers are keeping a close eye on a BTC transfer of about $ one billion. One of the richest Bitcoin whales on record transferred 31,010 BTC, which equates to $ 981 million.



BTCs sent from an independent wallet

The transaction was sent from an unidentified wallet that has no known link to any crypto exchange or platform. The transfer was first detected by an automated distributed ledger tracking tool known as the Bitcoin Block Bot.

The massive BTC treasure was sent to two separate unknown wallets in a single transaction. The fee for the transaction cost only 0.00015 BTC, which is only $ 4.71.

Bitcoin price is stable

BitInfoCharts indicates that the whale first created the sending wallet on October 26, 2018. Since the wallet’s inception, its balance was always 31,010.01 BTC.

The Whale never moved more than $ 50 of Bitcoin until they cleared the address this week.

None of the Bitcoins in question were sent to any crypto exchange known to potentially be sold on the open market.

The whale has moved their BTCs while the flagship cryptocurrency was experiencing a significant drop and dancing in the $ 29,000 to $ 32,000 range.

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