Citadel21, who shared about Bitcoin culture, published a comic book with hidden clues that could lead a reader to the 10,000,000 satoshi award.

Bitcoin enthusiast artist Dim Zayan has released a crypto-based comic book called “Bulltardia”. Citadel21 has released the first two episodes of the comic book, in which his father put a honey badger named “Bit”, whose name is “Satoshi”, to the main character.

12 keys to reach Bitcoin (BTC) treasure

Tips to unlock 10,000,000 satoshi (about $ 010 worth of $ 918 at the time of writing) will be hidden during the story that will be released for several months.

“There are twelve keys to unlock 10 million Satoshi embedded in this story, which will come out in the coming months.

Dear readers, hodlers or those without investments, if you follow the badger; find his treasure. In this story, the key of 10 million Satoshi is hidden in the center of Bit’s journey. ”

Also, @ ctdl21and @cryptgm accounts on Twitter will give clues related to the puzzle. The first tip is as follows:

“When you are brave enough to enter the castle, we will reward you:” The first key is one of the reasons Honey Badger doesn’t care. “Good luck, enjoy Bulltardia.”


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