An extremely unlucky Bitcoin user accidentally threw 3.49 BTC in a BTC transaction of $ 1.18, which equates to about $ 82,82., one of the largest mining pools in the world, has officially pocketed the huge fee.

According to the US report, a similar accident happened last month, when $ 47,000 worth of Bitcoin was spent sending only $ 194.

Naturally, this strange transfer of 82,000 dollars created a suspicion that someone was laundering in this way.

A Reddit user stated that the incident was a normal thing:

“If you accept the fee, it is clear what you are paying for. The “accident” of overpayment of wages can be held responsible for it. It is reasonable for someone to make a mistake for a transaction and $ 83k. If he had paid 82,000 dollars without an explanation for what they were paying then it would not be reasonable. ”

There have been cases where miners will return cryptocurrencies to users who have similar problems. For example, in March 2017, one person paid more than 2.5 BTC for a transfer. Later, Bitmain began to compensate Antpool for this transfer.

This kind of “fat finger” mistakes occur from time to time, and this may be a warning to us to be more careful when trading crypto.


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