Famous for its cynical tone and impressive trading skills, a Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto whale says goodbye as a public figure. Joe007, who appeared on the scene six months ago, says that he left Twitter at a good point and made the last few predictions for his followers on the way.

Bitcoin Whale Makes High Profits
Joe was at the top of the Bitfinex leaderboard and earned millions of dollars in profits over the months before hurt in April. Although Joe does not specify whether to continue trading, his name is no longer on the list of the best Bitfinex traders.

We had an impressive time here. It was colorful, complex and meaningful. It required effort and perseverance. And it wouldn’t last forever, just like life, right?

So I hope it was useful to you during this time I was on Twitter, or at least it was fun. I apologize if my trolling went too far. The issue was not to hurt your feelings, but to challenge your worldviews and open your horizons. Sometimes this leads to progress.

Joe said that there are no weak hearts in the crypto world and there are disadvantages to consider:

Trading is a dangerous, hostile, high stakes game. It is played against the best in its class looking for any advantage. Your trade results and public outlook give them a lot of advantages.

Short and Medium Term Expectations of Bitcoin Whale
While saying goodbye, Joe makes a final forecast for BTC’s short- and medium-term expectations and believes there will be a significant retreat.

Have we left the worst behind? Did the brutal winds of the crypto winter finally die, leading to the inevitable triumph of the crypto resource? Are we peaking with the legendary parabolic run in the early stages of an exciting, breathtaking journey with the Bitcoin bull market?

Similar to the market cycle, my crypto Twitter journey has produced mixed, changing responses: anxiety, denial, fear, anger, terror, hope, relaxation, optimism, excitement, euphoria. We are mostly at a high stage of the cycle right now, so trade wisdom tells us: Time to sell…

So the journey ended even though he thought it was unexpectedly exciting. It was a limited experiment from the very beginning: Unfortunately there are many reasons why I can’t stay.

Whale Awaits Ascension in the Long Run
Joe is continuing his uptrend in Bitcoin in the long term and tweeting his first message in February.

Those who make fun of Bitcoin maximalists don’t understand our strange commitment to the cryptocurrency and the true meaning of the moment we live.

Bitcoin is much more than a currency. This is a completely new social technology: non-political, non-confiscated, dominant, extra hard money. I hope this will speed up humanity’s transition to a completely new economic and social order that will gradually emerge over time.


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