A giant whale displaced nearly half a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in a single transaction.


Massive Bitcoin movement

The automated blockchain monitoring tool known as Whale Alert has detected the massive BTC transfer.

According to Blockchain.com, the whale transferred 8,000 BTC from an unknown wallet to US-based crypto exchange Coinbase for a fee of just $ 26.

Before the massive BTC migration, the whale in question had the 215th richest Bitcoin address in the world.

BTC was sent to two unidentified wallets, the first of which received less than one BTC and had one transaction in total. The second wallet with a total of six transactions collected 8,000 BTC.

Over the past 24 hours, other major BTC transfers have been seen as Bitcoin has dropped to a seven-day low of $ 44,454. As a result, the whales carried an additional 42,447 BTC worth $ 2.02 billion over the same period.

Nine transfers involved billions of dollars worth of BTC moving between wallets of unknown origin, and two whales shifted BTC from Coinbase to unknown wallets.

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