Bitcoin News: Cryptocurrencies had collapsed after increasing pressure from China and comments from famous people. It has been learned that anonymous Bitcoin transactions have also increased significantly in recent days.



9,999 Bitcoin sent to an unknown wallet

Bitcoin (BTC) whales began to move the world’s most valuable digital currency from exchanges and unknown wallets. Leading Blockchain tracking and analysis service Whale Alert highlighted yesterday that 9,999 Bitcoin was transferred to an unknown wallet.

The transfer took place on Tuesday, May 25 at 00:41. The total value of the latest Bitcoin transaction was around $ 390 million.

It should not be forgotten that the most important virtual currency among investors has experienced a great volatility in the last 10 days and fell to about $ 31,000 last Sunday after the latest statements by China and Tesla.

Incidentally, several such transactions have been reported before. For example, a transaction of 9,055 BTC was carried out on May 16.

In addition to the report on the latest transfer, Whale Alert reported that approximately 3,500 Bitcoins worth more than $ 130 million were transferred from crypto exchange Binance to Xapo. Xapo is a Bitcoin wallet hugely popular with the crypto community. It was created by Argentinian Wences Casares and launched in 2014. It is based in Hong Kong and operates as a free Bitcoin wallet.

Also in a separate transaction, a leading BTC whale address moved 1,864 Bitcoin from the digital exchange Coinbase to an unknown crypto wallet.

Coinbase transfer took place on Tuesday, May 25 at 01.03. and the total value of the crypto movement was around $ 70 million.

It was also announced by Santiment that about 16,000 major Bitcoin addresses currently hold more than 9 million cryptocurrencies. BTC’s dominance in the crypto market stands at around 44.3%, down 2% in the past 24 hours.

The Santiment company also warned that about 16,000 major Bitcoin addresses currently hold more than 9 million coins.


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