Bitcoin whales of all time suddenly removed the bulk of its flagship crypto asset from its wallets while hovering around $ 54,000.


$ 2.2 billion Bitcoin moved

According to blockchain tracker Bitcoin Block Bot, an unknown organization repositioned 40,913 BTC worth $ 2.2 billion for a fee of just $ 19.67 during the transaction.

The whale moved 900 Bitcoins into a single wallet with 60 transaction history. A second wallet with just two transactions in total collected 40,013 BTC.

BitInforCharts reveals that the giant whale behind the transfer created the BTC wallet on February 27th and is the 16th richest address in existence immediately.

Is the buyer wallet known?

The relevant addresses have no known connection with a company that invests in or works in the crypto space. Also, Bitcoin has not moved to any known address that can be bought and sold on the open market and owned by crypto exchanges.

These latest whale detections come days after blockchain analytics firm Glassnode said, “The old, stronger hands” remain stronger, “while the latest Bitcoin fix has largely shaken new owners. Immediately after Bitcoin fell from an all-time high near $ 65,000, young BTC caused damage to their wallets.

“It seems that coins older than a month represent a very small and decreasing proportion of the total transaction flow. Conversely, there was an increase in the number of young cryptocurrencies spent (<1 week) towards the end of the week, indicating that new entrants were shaken during this correction.

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