It was reported that a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper document was uploaded to the city of Miami’s website. The city has joined the growing choir of governments and companies that hosted Bitcoin’s original plan.



Miami becomes a hub for crypto innovation

In his tweet, where he announced this move, Mayor Francis Suarez emphasized his determination to “make Miami a hub for crypto innovation”. It is thought that Suarez’s decision may have less to do with stepping back on Craig Wright’s legal threats than fueling the well-being of Bitcoin maximalists.

Suarez argued that Miami was “the first municipal government to host Satoshi’s whitepaper”.


Suarez started to be mentioned frequently with cryptocurrencies

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has frequently made his name in the headlines with moves on the crypto money industry, recently announced that he was hiring a Chief Technology Officer for the city for the first time. Saif Ishoof, chosen by Suarez for the job, is a Miami-based lawyer and vice president at Florida International University. Suarez is particularly close to the crypto industry, holding meetings with the Winklevoss brothers who run the Gemini crypto exchange, as well as executives from Bitcoin mining companies and DeFi startups.

Earlier, Suarez had announced that Miami was considering buying BTC with treasury reserves. The mayor has stated that Miami is even considering allowing citizens to pay taxes and fees with Bitcoin to the city, and is trying to create a regulatory framework that makes Miami the easiest place to do business with cryptocurrencies in the United States.


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