Ripple’s technology director David Schwartz replied to famous investor Jim Rogers, who claimed that Bitcoin would be reset.

World-renowned investor Jim Rogers told a newspaper published in Japan recently that he said that there is still a bubble in Bitcoin, that it will eventually reset and disappear before its value.

“Those who use cryptocurrencies are trying to defeat governments, but they have no chance of success,” Rogers said in a statement on the subject. State-sponsored institutions still have a lot of power to destroy the cryptocurrency sector with their ‘weapons’. ” he also used expressions.

Rogers, however, thinks that digital money is a valuable concept, and governments will use them to improve their asset control systems, according to him.

On the other hand, Ripple’s technology director David Schwartz disagrees with Rogers. Schwartz states that so far, governments have had numerous attempts, such as restrictions or bans, but these have not been successful. Stressing that state constraints are generally not effective in the sector, Schwartz says that even lowering the price is unlikely. “Overall, when governments impose restrictions or prohibitions, the result is not a drop in price,” said Ripple manager. says.

Rogers, 77, an experienced investor, advised “Avoid Bitcoin” in November 2017, saying that he smelled the bubble from the biggest cryptocurrency. “Ballooned beings can continue to rise beyond imagination,” said Rogers. There may be more earnings. But dealing with these is risky. Better to stay away. ” he said. As Rogers made these statements, Bitcoin was trading at $ 8,000.


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