Cryptocurrency company BitcoinPoint has made a deal with ATM operator Cashzone, allowing Bitcoin holders to withdraw money from 16,000 ATMs.

Transfer of Selling Bitcoin from ATMs
The partnership between Bitcoinpoint and Cashzone will allow Bitcoin holders to cash cryptocurrencies at Cashzone ATMs in the UK.

Bitcoinpoint CEO Benoit Marzouk stated that this move will increase access to Bitcoin among mainstream consumers. Marzouk said in a published publication:

The scarcity of Bitcoin ATMs made Bitcoin accessibility problematic, as signing up for a crypto exchange can be a somewhat complicated process for non-tech savvy ones. ”

To use the Bitcoin portion of Cashzone ATMs, users must register on the Bitcoinpoint website, enter the amount they want to withdraw, scan a QR code and receive a PIN code via SMS. The PIN code can then be entered at a Cashzone ATM and no card or bank membership is required for the transaction.

The Increase of Bitcoin ATMs
Private Bitcoin ATMs are also seeing growth around the world. In September this year, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs or BATMs reached 10,000, and worldwide installations increased 167% over the previous year.

At the same time, websites like CoinATMRadar now allow users to find a Bitcoin ATM close to them.


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