Emotion analysis by data company The TIE shows that Bitcoin’s emotional score has reached levels not seen since 2017.

According to The TIE, which offers data on cryptocurrencies, a week after the Bitcoin block prize split, investors are more positive about leading cryptocurrencies. So much so that the 30-day average of Bitcoin emotion score has reached its highest level since 2017. This score is based on the number of negative and positive comments.

Also, the 30-day average of Bitcoin tweets rose to the highest level in 2020 with 31,397 tweets yesterday. The number of tweets has grown by 42 percent since the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, the dominance of Bitcoin’s tweet volume also increased. As of now, over 50 percent of crypto money tweets are about Bitcoin. Also, the percentage of Bitcoin tweets shared from unique accounts rose in 2020.

The largest cryptocurrency with its market value follows a relatively flat course after halving. The price is located at $ 9750, when the news goes live.


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