Bitcoin’s momentum to replace precious metals as the ideal safe haven is getting closer to silver.


Silver can be crossed

Data provided by CompaniesMarketCap show that the market value of Bitcoin is $ 1.112 trillion, while silver is $ 1.384 trillion, representing 80.43% of the precious metal.

The turning point marks the highest price level in two weeks after Bitcoin was traded at $ 61,222 on April 10. According to CoinMarketCap, the asset is traded at $ 59,873.

Race towards the ideal store of value

As Bitcoin soars and tries to surpass the market value of silver, investors continue to analyze the long-term sustainability of assets and whether they will eventually become a store of value. However, both assets are considered to be excellent portfolio diversifiers.

Exceeding more than three-quarters of the market value of silver is a tremendous feat for bitcoin, which has existed for nearly 12 years. On the other hand, silver has existed throughout the ages. This suggests that bitcoin could soon surpass silver and focus on gold.


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