Bitfinex, one of the popular crypto exchanges, introduced its new platform Pulse with a statement made today. It is emphasized that the Bitfinex Pulse platform is the future of social trading and it is finally released.

Bitfinex Pulse Introduced
In fact, the platform appears to be a place where people who trade on Bitfinex will interact. Bitfinex Pulse users will be able to create their own profiles on the platform, and display their trading histories and talk about the market.

After a user has created and verified an account on Bitfinex Pulse, it is stated that the person can send messages to other investors and post blog posts. The interesting feature of the platform is that it has a leaderboard.

According to the transactions on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, the highest winning or losing investors will be displayed in the said score / leaderboard. Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino said in a statement about the issue that Bitfinex Pulse platform will increase cooperation and information exchange among investors.


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