Banksy, known for his protest works, now joins the Black Lives Matter movement, which is at the center of US protests. As you know, the artist generally adopts an inconsistent style and fearlessly carries his works to the street. The artist, who made his works at home during the quarantine period and shared it on his Instagram account, now commemorates the death of George Floyd as part of US protests. Here is Black Lives Matter by Banksy!

Banksy’s Black Lives Matter draws attention

The US protests have actually reached millions of people. In addition to technology and game companies that are not silent, artists support this situation. The famous artist Banksy, who is among them and stands out with his protest identity, made a sharing about the events in question via his Instagram account.

Banksy’s Black Lives Matter, which millions of people liked in a short time, deals with the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. In the shared work, it is seen that the American flag ignites with the candle on the table. There is also a framed photograph and flowers on the table.

The artist, who also expressed his ideas in writing at the same time, shares a long article about the persecution of black citizens, while whites are superior and that this system needs to be changed. It is not known exactly where Banksy’s work was drawn, but it is certain that he criticized the system very well.


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