Black Panther is a superhero of Marvel and this superhero is now in Fortnite. You can also get Captain Marvel and Taskmaster as part of the Warrior Pack.

Black Panther surprises us in games too

As we know, Epic announced the Black Panther’s arrival to everyone after publishing the phrase “Wakandan Salute” last Monday. This greeting had become an iconic greeting among the audience. After the movie’s new cast was announced, another surprising detail was shared. The film grossed a total of $ 700.4 million domestically. In total, it found a revenue of 1.35 billion dollars. The viewers shouldn’t be surprised by how much revenue it generates. The movie has already maintained its popularity since its release.

Fortnite is a shooter game developed by Epic Games, released on July 25, 2017, and a mission-playing game that allows up to 4 people to play co-op. The game includes three game modes named Save The World, Fortnite Battle Royale (survival) and Creative, all with the same game engine. The popularity of the game increased after the Survivor mode released in September 2017.

Fortnite shared the statue of Black Panther with the players in the Marvel package last season. But the younans did not fully see the Black Panther. This statue, shown, caused curiosity in the actors. It is also predicted that with the arrival of this update, they will become more adaptable to the game and find more power.

The character, which is expected to be released last season, seems to be delayed for a while after Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed the superhero in 2018, passed away in August. Marvel announced that it is reviving the character that will portray Black Panther, which will be released in 2022, and that the film is planning a show that will be formed as a sequel.

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Fortnite has developed its new in-game universe. This universe he has developed makes different bounty hunters his focus. Epic has added many movie characters to its in-game universe created this season. It is also possible to play as Mandalorian. If you can get to level 100, the game also offers you something new: Baby Yoda. When you reach level 100, Baby Yoda will be swimming with you in the capsule. Epic, which has many movie characters in its new season, does not just stop with them. However, it brings together Kratos from God of War, Master Chief from Halo and two different characters from The Walking Dead.

The characters that came in the new season excited the actors and the audience. The costumes and strengths of the characters that add a new dimension to the game are a matter of curiosity.


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