Xiaomi’s game brand Black Shark is getting ready to come up with new models. The smartphone that appeared on the Google Play Console recently has now appeared in TENAA registrations.



The models listed with the KSR-A0 and PRS-A0 model numbers are expected to be Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro, respectively. While the visuals of the models are included in TENAA records, technical details are not shared.

When we examine the images, it is seen that it is home to an extremely simple design. While the previous Black Shark model has a much cooler look, the smartphone in these images, which is claimed to be the Black Shark 4 Pro, has a horizontally positioned triple camera array and a variable color back panel that we are used to seeing.

When we look at the right side of the smartphone, the extra keys for games draw attention. Another detail is the fingerprint sensor located on the side. Today, the screen fingerprint reader sensors, which are becoming widespread, can be used in AMOLED screens as known. So in this case, the model may be using an LCD screen.

While all of these cannot go beyond assumptions for now, all details about the Black Shark 4 series are expected to be revealed in March.


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