BlackBerry is preparing to come back with 5G supported phone models.
BlackBerry, which made its mark on the sector with its mobile phones that it once launched, announced that it is working on 5G supported phone models.

As you know, BlackBerry recently signed a cooperation with TCL. In this direction, the duo, which launched the KEY2 LE model in 2018, unfortunately could not meet the expectations. The manufacturer, which lags behind its competitors in terms of sales figures, ended its partnership with TCL as of last year.

It was said that BlackBerry would not produce a phone again after this development. However, with a recent statement, the company confirmed that it is working on new phone models.

According to the statements made by the CEO of the company, we see that the company is working on 5G supported models. For now, no statement has been made about the features and design of these models. However, according to the latest shared reports, it is stated that these models will have physical keys.

It is among the shared information that the models to be developed by the US-based company Onward Mobility will also be installed on the Android operating system.


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