OnwardMobility, the new owner of the BlackBerry brand, announced that it will release a 5G-enabled smartphone this year.

The device will continue the tradition of physical keyboards that have become synonymous with the brand.

The Chinese TCL stopped producing smartphones under the Blackberry brand last year. As such, the Canadian company had to look for another partner to take over the smartphone production.

The rights to the BlackBerry brand were acquired by OnwardMobility last year. The American company plans to launch its first smartphone this year. The device will support 5G connectivity and have a physical keyboard.

Developed with Foxconn
The smartphone is being developed together with the Taiwanese company FIH Mobile, owned by Foxconn. However, the company is considering running the assembly process in the United States on its own.

OnwardMobility has taken on the heavy burden of reviving the Blackberry brand. It is certain that the company will have some difficulty in the beginning. Let’s see if it will give up after producing a few models like TCL. Or will it succeed? We will see it all together.


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