BLACKPINK fans or commonly called BLINK again sent a truck to the YG Entertainment agency building.

On Thursday (5/14), DC Gallery BLACKPINK sent a truck that ran in front of the YG Entertainment building, THE BLACK LABEL and several other media offices.

According to an announcement posted by DC Gallery BLACKPINK on Twitter, the truck will hold two days of protest, namely on May 14 and 15.

While playing the song “Kill This Love” BLACKPINK, the screen on the truck listed a total of 12 requests from BLACKPINK fans.

The 12 requests are:

Twice a year every year
At least 6 new songs in each album released
Promised solo project release
Take advantage of their YouTube channel which has 35 million subscribers
Do not divide active and rest periods, they must continue to release content
Appears on music programs, variety shows, radio, award shows and year-end music festivals
Take advantage of their Twitter account
Use various platforms (V Live, Instagram Live, etc.)
Determine the time to pre-order the album
Release a digital album at the same time as a physical album
Releasing a new song every Friday at 18:00 KST
Take legal action against hate speech offenders
Previously YG Entertainment had announced BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule in June. But until now, YG Entertainment has not announced the exact date yet.


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