BLACKPINK, IZONE and TWICE have led the corporate brand rankings for female idol groups.

BLACKPINK, IZONE and TWICE were at the top of the corporate image charts for female idol groups in July. BLACKPINK led the ranking with 11,638,631 points followed by IZ * ONE with 7,974,564 points and TWICE with 5,988,530 points.

Check out the TOP 10:



Red Velvet

Oh my girl






Take a look at the fan comments below:

This time I must hand it over to the stylist for BLACKPINK’s comeback, the hanbok was a beautiful move considering the girls have become a global sensation – it was a great way to highlight their culture. In fact, hanbok has had a massive trend worldwide, especially in the United States. The modern hanbok is also extremely beautiful!

On a side note, my SNSD girls still rank high there. 💗

yes, strongly agree💗 Koreans were still proud that BLACKPINK promoted Korean culture especially by using it in their Jimmy Fallon performance and mv😳👏
but according to the stylist this was a BLACKPINK idea 🙂 but still they did really well❤️❤️

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