BLACKPINK has finally aired a prologue episode from the ’24 / 365 with BLACKPINK ‘program.

’24 / 365 with BLACKPINK ‘is a new reality show program BLACKPINK which is flowing aired ahead of their comeback.

Before revealing the pre-release song on the upcoming June 26, 2020, BLACKPINK members gave various leaks about their comeback on the prologue episode of the program ’24 / 365 with BLACKPINK ‘.

The clock introduces himself, Rose even said that in the comeback this time ii wasn’t flowing using basketball blonde hair color now.

Regarding their pre-release song, Rose said, Jennie from “That terrace is like a cat”, “In my opinion, it’s more terrace like king kong.”

While Jisoo added, “Until the watch is a powerful, but this time it is more to hip hop that is swag.

At the end of the prologue episode, we can see footage of the program ’24 / 365 with BLACKPINK ‘which shows BLACKPINK hour members being together at home, practicing choreography, recording in the studio, much more.

You can watch the prologue episode from the following program ’24 / 365 with BLACKPINK ‘!

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