BLACKPINK has released a teaser image for their upcoming single + new record on Gaon

BLACKPINK has shown fans a teaser poster for the group’s new single. Interestingly, the illustration hints that the song will have the collaboration of a leading artist … Look at the poster:

On the other hand, BLACKPINK has devastated Gaon, occupying the first place in the digital list, the transmission list and in the social table, with How You Like That.

Take a look at the fan comments below:

It’s Ariana Grande. Ariana, Tommy Brown, and their friend Victori Money just liked Jennie’s post about the second single, and Ariana doesn’t even follow the girls on IG, so she had to type Jennie IG’s ID to like the post.

Yes, I don’t think that will ever happen … Many, not all, BLINKS hate ARMYS and ARMYS hates BLINKS.

I’m really excited about her new single, but the funny thing is who will appear on her song, maybe it’s Ariana. Anyway, they all look very beautiful and beautiful. Flashes with you

they would never risk that because delulu fans would be even more obsessed with non-existent ships

Ariana and her producer like Jennie’s teaser post, so we’ll see …

YESSSS! I’m glad YG sticks to the plan as promised! Is it Ariana Grande or GDragon? OMG!

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