BLACKPINK recently shocked his fans after releasing a comeback teaser photo.

On Monday morning (6/15), BLACKPINK uploaded individual teaser photos for its four members, namely Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose, before revealing the pre-release song on June 26, 2020.

Although not showing their beautiful faces, in this teaser photo the four show off their hair in beautiful colors.

Seeing the teaser photo, Korean netizens immediately gave a variety of reactions, most of whom were amazed at the concept that was presented by BLACKPINK in this comeback.

Like the comments of Korean netizens on the Pann site:

“Unbelievably daebak,”

“Wow, my predictions are right,”

“Is that Jennie? Geez, what happened to BLACKPINK, ”

“Is that really Jennie? Wow! ”

“They really look so cool,”

“Wow, I really like this concept,” and many other praise comments.

Do you have the same reaction as Korean netizens when you see individual BLACKPINK teaser photos?


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