BLACKPINK has beat MBC’s Music Core with How You Like That.

The BLACKPINK girls have achieved the “triple crown” in Music Core with How You Like That. With 8023 points they surpassed María de Hwasa and In Summer of SSAK3. Check out the victory video below:

Observe the opinions of the fans:

We finally broke the D4X album as Blackpink’s most won song … Now no body can look at the girls or say they are not popular enough in Korea

What Hyori said about them is just a sentence, which is “blackpink congratulations to everyone”

Wow, I am impressed. HYLT broke BLACKPINK’s most successful DDDD song. CONGRATULATIONS even BLINK defeating us on mubeat voting for me is a friendly fight

HYLT🎉 12th win Honestly, I never thought we could break the D4 record, but here we are! I am proud of Blackpink and Blinks for their hard work, and I hope we can receive more wins. Waiting for blinks!

They are now the girl group with the most wins (so far) in 2020 beating IZ * ONE! Congratulations BLACKPINK!

All these comments about blackpink, but here I am a little surprised to see Jaesuk, national MC promoting at the core of the music like other singers … I really wish they win to be able to see Jaesuk doing an encore stage 😂

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