BLACKPINK has beat MBC’s Music Core with How You Like That.

BLACKPINK has triumphed on Music Core with How You Like That. With 10464 points they surpassed María de Hwasa and Pporappippam de Sunmi. Watch the video of victory:

Take a look at the fan comments below:

When BLACKPINK’s Jennie runs to Irene and Seulgi just to greet and hug them it’s so pure and precious 🤧💗
Look at Jennies’ aura from her looks today, she looks like little Ko-Moonyoung (?) In psychology, but it’s okay
I’m glad Sunmi was so positive and personable when the scores were announced. A very good queen. Congratulations to BP! HYLT
Jennie is friends with Twice Irene’s Nayeon and Seulgi also awwww … 😻😻😻
they really cut the bis at the blackvelvet moment, post an encore fancam or am I going to fight mbc.
Blackpink, Sunmi and Hwasa. When your 3 favorites compete for the number 1 spot. Multifandom weakness. Congratulations BP and a blinks. Get ready for Red Velvet: Irene and Seulgi win next week.
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