BLACKPINK Drew Criticism From Chinese Citizens For Touching And Hugging Baby Pandas In The Teaser For The Last Episode Of Reality Show ’24 / 365 ‘. Here’s YG Entertainment’s Statement.

BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) has drawn criticism from Chinese citizens for touching and hugging baby pandas in the teaser episode of the last reality show ” 24/365 “. In response, YG Entertainment as the agency released an official statement on November 7 and took direct action on the matter.

YG Entertainment explained, “The experience of the BLACKPINK zookeepers in Everland with pandas takes place under strict security measures including disinfection. When the BLACKPINK members meet the baby pandas, all the members wear protective gloves, masks and clothes all the time, and so do we. re-emphasized that between each scene, they disinfected their hands and shoes. ”

The agency continued, “But after considering the recommendation of experts in the field of panda protection that, ‘Non-experts who come into close contact with baby pandas can cause varying degrees of misunderstanding,’ and also with the hope of respecting international cooperation conventions, we have decided that the video in question will not be shown. ”

Lastly, YG Entertainment stated, “We would like to thank everyone who raised concerns about this matter, and we also ask for your unchanging love and affection towards BLACKPINK and pandas.”

In the video in question, the four BLACKPINK members head to the Everland theme park and zoo in Korea to spend time with the giant panda. Apart from making food for the mother panda, they also cuddle with a 3 month old panda cub named Fubao.

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Chinese citizens criticized BLACKPINK members who wore make-up and perfume and didn’t wear gloves at the time because they were considered dangerous to pandas. Some admit that YG Entertainment staff and Everland zoo keepers are guilty of not following the rules they should know. The Chinese Giant Panda Research and Conservation Center is reportedly in the process of investigating the incident.


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