Recently BLACKPINK’s Lisa ( Black Pink ) made headlines for confessing her love for Gong Yoo . The handsome actor born in 1979 returned his love.

On November 6th, the stars of the new film ” Seo Bok ” sat down with KBS “The Year of Delivery” to talk about their film. This film, which tells the story of human cloning, has attracted the attention of netizens because of its unique storyline. It was during this interview that Lisa’s confession emerged and Gong Yoo got a chance to respond.

The interviewer mentioned how Gong Yoo was always chosen by female celebrities as his ideal type. He humbly responded by pretending not to know what was being said. Gong Yoo then jokingly asked the interviewer to give him a list of female celebrities after the interview was over and the cameras were turned off.

However, Gong Yoo’s co-star didn’t want the topic to be ignored easily so the interviewer revealed about Lisa who called the hit drama star ” Goblin ” as her ideal type. That’s when he became very shy and confused.

Gong Yoo responded to Lisa’s love confession, saying, “I did hear it through the news. I saw that she asked for an autograph so I sent it.”

The interviewer was surprised and asked Gong Yoo if he had sent an autograph to Lisa in person which later clarified, “No, I can’t give it in person but I sent it through someone else to give to her.”

Gong Yoo also praised the achievements of BLACKPINK and also BTS ( Bangtan Boys ). “Not only BLACKPINK but also BTS, they are doing extraordinary things globally for our nation. So I included an encouraging message along with Lisa’s autograph.” Gong Yoo added, “I’m grateful that he watches my work with great affection.”


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