Since October 28, BLACKPINK’s Name Rose Has Been Continuously Associated With EXO’s Chanyeol On The Popular Search Engine Naver Site. This Made Many Netizens Angry And Asked YG To Act.

Since October 28, the name Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) has continued to be associated with Chanyeol EXO on the popular Naver search engine. This made many netizens angry.

The trigger for Rose’s name to continue to be associated with Chanyeol was their edited photo with the Dispatch watermark circulating. Articles about photos kept popping up.

Netizens are unhappy that Rose continues to be linked with Chanyeol. Moreover, because Chanyeol is currently involved in negative rumors.

“Don’t touch our Rose.”

“I hope that all the children who spread rumors will be prosecuted.”

“Poor Rose.”

“Crazy, I’m so angry even though I’m not a fan. Let’s protect Rose.”

“Please sue the reporter who spread the rumors. I feel sorry for Rose and her fans.”

“Please don’t touch Rose. Please don’t let her get involved in something like this.”

“Leave Rose alone.”

“The reporter who posted the rumors about the photo didn’t care about Rose at all.”

The edited photo reportedly has been around since 2018, but is now spreading again. Until this news was released, Chanyeol’s agency SM Entertainment and Rose’s agency YG Entertainment still did not respond to this edited photo.

Dispatch itself has realized that Chanyeol and Rose’s photo edits have been made. Through its official Instagram account, this media wrote a stern warning to fake photo spreaders using their logos.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol recently got into a controversy when a post claimed to be written by his ex-girlfriend appeared on a community site. The post accused him of allegedly cheating on him for 3 years.


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