It turned out that the Blair Witch game, which is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and computers, will be available to users on June 25 for Nintendo Switch.

It’s time for me to return to Black Hills Forest in the United States, but don’t worry, this time you can illuminate your way with the light of your Nintendo Switch as you pass through the dark forest.

As you know, Blair Witch game, which you can currently play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and computer, will be playable on Nintendo Switch platform starting June 25.

Blair Witch sounds like never before:

In honor of the first anniversary of its release, a new gameplay video of the game’s Nintendo Switch version has never been seen before. Although the graphics of the game have been reduced, this will not be a big problem since Nintendo Switch users are accustomed because even the low graphics will not prevent the game’s immersion and fear of success from being discussed.

Let’s take a look at the subject of the game through the official broadcast release shared with users on the day the game was released, which was prepared by a team called Bloober Team and was the most talked about psychological horror game of last year to Nintendo Switch.

“The year is 1996. A young boy disappeared in Black Hills Forest, near Burkittsville, Maryland. You will join this adventure as ex-police officer Ellis, who has an eventful history. This initial investigation will soon turn into an endless nightmare. As you face your fears and Blair Witch, a mysterious force will chase you deep into the forest. ”

If you are playing Blair Witch game or if you have Nintendo Switch, don’t forget to share your thoughts about your game and console with us in the comments section.


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