What we love about fandoms is that they will always support their idols in an incredible way and always look for a way for their voices as a fandom to be heard.

And this is the case now with the BLACKPINK fandom, which are BLINKS. This time they are defending and showing their support for the maknae of the group that is Lisa.

Now Twitter has been filled with this #WeStandByYou Lisa where they are showing all their support for Lisa. This is because Lisa was recently tricked online amid pro-democracy protests in Thailand.

BLINK another piece of news that may be interesting to you BLACKPINK’s Lisa is ridiculed for not being the most wanted idol

In recent months, supporters of democracy have been tried to pressure celebrities to come out publicly in support of the ongoing movement. Where there has not been a great support and for them the Thai netizens have banned the different idols from Thailand who are currently in South Korea.

That is why BLINKS are showing their support for the incredible dance machine that is Lisa.

Will you support this campaign to show your support for Lisa?


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