Diablo II: Resurrected, Blizzard Arcade Collection, World of Warcraft Classic and Hearthstone expansion packs, and much more were announced at a FREE online community event currently taking place on BlizzCon.com.

BlizzConline ™, the fully virtual version of the event, which Blizzard Entertainment has organized for years to honor the community and the game world, took place last weekend. Fans and game lovers around the world watched the event for FREE with various news and game announcements at www.blizzcon.com.

At the opening ceremony of the event, the company’s president J. Allen Brack and the developer leaders of Blizzard products reviewed the past and announced their exciting plans for the future, announcing the following games and game updates:

One of the most successful PC games ever returns with Diablo® II: Resurrected ™. The faithful remake of Blizzard’s classic action role-playing game and its award-winning expansion pack, Lord of Destruction®, is coming to consoles for the first time alongside Windows PC in the coming months. PC gamers can sign up now at www.diablo2.com for a chance to participate in the upcoming testing phase.
Blizzard also shared Diablo® IV’s new player class Rogue (Trickster) with a dark cinematic trailer and a new gameplay video. A deceitful, fast, deadly and mobile class with unprecedented flexibility. Rogue players have many different options for attacking or trapping their enemies. They will also be able to increase their combat skills with poisons, shadow spells, and special techniques.
Blizzard is ready to bring a lot of content this year as well. The Year of the Griphone from the popular free digital card game Hearthstone® will meet players in the coming weeks. In the new Hearthstone year, a new Core Set of cards that will bring fundamental changes to the game, and a new Classic game format that will allow players to build and compete with decks of original Hearthstone cards released in 2014 will be added.

With the Year of the Griffon, 2021’s first Hearthstone expansion will debut in Forged in the Barrens ™. This pack is inspired by the iconic World of Warcraft® region, where millions of adventurers have begun writing their legends and is currently available for pre-order on www.playhearthstone.com.
Later in the year, Blizzard will release Hearthstone Mercenaries, a single player, competition-centered game mode where players collect many powerful characters from the Warcraft® universe and level them up in tactical battles.
For World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced the first major content update for the recently released Shadowlands expansion, Chains of Domination, coming in the following months. In addition, a brand new charity pet program will be organized with this package. Once the donation goals are reached, all modern Wow® players will have access to two different companions, the monkey Bananas and the sloth Daisy. In addition, Blizzard announced that the redeveloped version of Burning Crusade Classic ™, faithful to the essence of the popular World of Warcraft expansion, will be released in the next months. Burning Crusade Classic ™ will be added to players’ World of Warcraft subscriptions at no additional cost.
Available as part of Blizzard’s anniversary-themed Celebration Collection on Windows® PC (Battle.net®) and the Blizzard® 30th Anniversary Collection on consoles, or also on consoles, the Blizzard® Arcade Collection is Blizzard’s popular console games. It includes digital versions of The Lost Vikings®, Rock N Roll Racing® and Blackthorne® optimized for modern platforms.
Blizzard products were examined in detail in the event held in six different channels. The behind-the-scenes development of Overwatch® 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the company’s popular team-based shooter, and the upcoming massive multiplayer action role-playing game Diablo® Immortal ™, were also shared. Blizzard has just completed the first phase of Diablo Immortal’s regional testing process. Having received very positive reactions from test participants, the company plans to perform more tests in the coming months.

In addition to these, the viewers also witnessed unique esports show matches. In these matches, the legendary pro players of StarCraft® and StarCraft II faced each other, and current Overwatch League ™ champion San Francisco Shock battled a dream team made up of professional players, familiar faces of the community and much more.

In addition, BlizzConline showcased the creativity and skills of the people who helped bring Blizzard’s games to life, just like the live show. In addition to multiple panels including artists, musicians, voice actors, content producers and publishers; of talented cosplayers


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