Simon Dedic, co-founder of crypto research firm Blockfyre, made 5 altcoin choices that he saw as “solid” for the next bull run.

Simon Dedic, co-founder of the German crypto research company Blockfyre, believes that a bull run will come again and go beyond the current levels of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Dedic thinks the expected bull run will not be reflected in the entire cryptocurrency market as in 2017, rather it will be seen in a number of solid altcoins.

As it is known, in December 2017, while Bitcoin was progressing towards $ 20 thousand, all altcoins also increased their value by many times throughout the year. As the largest cryptocurrency with its market value started to fall from $ 20,000, altcoins continued to rise, literally booming as of January. An ICO craze also broke out at that time, and investors feared to miss a fierce opportunity (FOMO).

Believing that this madness will not happen again, Dedic claims that Bitcoin will see 150 thousand dollars in the next wave, and Ether will rise to $ 9000 levels. This means 1400 percent and 2750 percent increases, respectively.

Blockfyre co-founder made a selection from altcoins, which he thought was “solid” and would add value to his value, along with price predictions and listed them as follows:

Ethereum (ETH): $ 9000
Chainlink (LINK): $ 200
Binance Coin (BNB): $ 500
VeChain (VET): $ 1
Tezos (XTZ): $ 200


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