Bloober Team talks about the goals they want to achieve with The Medium. According to its chief designer, it is his most ambitious project to date.

The Medium was one of the great surprises that the Inside Xbox last May left us. Bloober’s new work was part of the 13 faces that made up the first look at Xbox Series X. The terror of the creators of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch returns to premiere the new generation.

In an interview with Eurogamer UK, Wojciech Piejko, the game’s chief designer, explains the importance of The Medium to the team. The perspective will change from the usual first person in your projects to being able to see the entire scene from the outside. “Basically we are designing the game as a movie, planning the best shots, the best camera angles …”, he says.

Although the atmosphere and psychological fear remain, the study wants to deepen the protagonist’s perspective. Being a medium will give us “a unique perspective” that other ordinary people cannot reach. “We believe that this is extremely important at the moment when we are bombarded by the media, which are trying to influence our perspective,” he explains. The goal, according to Piejko, is “to put questions in the minds of the players” to “make them think.” “We will not answer them directly, we do not try to judge anyone.”

According to Wokciech, only the power of the new generation has allowed them to create the game they wanted. In what sense? We do not know. The designer comments that it is a secret feature that they will reveal in a later announcement. “I can only say that it is something about how the world interacts with each one and how you can experience it.” Therefore, they are not cut off by calling it “the greatest game” they have ever built. “It is our most ambitious project to date.” It is not for less, especially having in music a giant like Akira Yamaoka.

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As for the technical issues, we know that The Medium will support 4k resolution and ray-tracing, in addition to the advantages of the Xbox Series X SSD. It will hit the Microsoft console and PC sometime this Christmas.


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