Samsung is integrating the glucose meter feature for diabetics in its new smartwatch models. The allegation was made by the Korean ETNews.



The technology in question is expected to measure blood sugar content in the blood with an optical sensor.

To measure blood sugar bloodlessly, Samsung has been working on non-invasive techniques for some time. Last year, he developed a method for monitoring blood glucose levels using a method called Raman spectroscopy. The process uses lasers to describe the chemical composition and shows “the highest predictive accuracy among non-invasive technologies,” according to Samsung.

A similar technology was announced at CES 2021. A prototype smart watch was introduced by the Japanese company called Quantum Operations. And this watch can measure blood glucose in 20 seconds.

Samsung is expected to announce its new wearable devices at its next event and to announce more than one watch model at this announcement. It is not known whether the feature in question is included in all models, but at least we can predict that we will see this feature in the top model smartwatch model.

If the consistency of the data is found reasonable, Samsung can get ahead of its competitors with this feature. However, we will only be able to see how healthy the data can be after users experience it.


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