Samsung, which is not missing from our news with the updates it has published, has broken a new ground in the world with its smart watches. It will now measure blood pressure.



Another name that has not been missing from our news for weeks is the South Korean technology giant Samsung. The famous name, who frequently publishes updates and is a guest of our news almost every day, is preparing to mark this year with its new flagships. The company, which continues to work on new technological products as well as new phones, is now on the agenda with its smart watches. The South Korean company, which has been on our wrists for many years with the Galaxy Watch series, broke new ground in the world. This first will be most useful for blood pressure patients.

Smart watches continue to increase their importance in our lives as much as smart phones. Sometimes we can follow the messages and sometimes the callers through our smart watches, we can perform transactions without the need for a phone. Samsung continues to stand out from its competitors by publishing updates in line with the needs of the users. With the innovation it has brought to its smart watches, the famous company now activates its blood pressure monitoring service.

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Samsung Smart Watches Are The First Watches In The World To Offer Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

As you can see from the subtitle, Samsung has the first smart watches to offer blood pressure monitoring service in the world with the update it brings to its smart watches. This feature, which is already in use in South Korea, is now available globally. With this update to Galaxy Watch smart watches, the South Korean company, which will also measure the blood pressure of its users, seems to be the closest friend of users with blood pressure. Users have to calibrate their watches to access this feature. After this process, they will be able to measure their blood pressure and start using the feature. Let’s not forget, the company announced that the watches should be calibrated at least every four weeks to ensure the accuracy of the blood pressure monitoring service.


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